Redefining healthy living for women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Liz-Photo1Liz Murray is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach. She is passionate about teaching women over 40 how to develop a relationship to food and their bodies that is based on kindness and pleasure rather than restriction and deprivation. She guides her clients to discover what they are truly longing for and how to create a life that supports their needs and desires. By using her years of study of women’s health and nutrition, you will learn and implement a way to nourish and support your body’s changing hormones so you feel vibrant and energized, rather than frumpy and exhausted. By starting with the food on your plate, you will connect with how you want to feel, and will implement fun and easy steps to make self-care a priority.

Liz knows from her own experience that these “middle years” (40’s, 50’s and 60’s), can be a deeply transformative time. We can choose to ignore the messages in our culture, that we are unattractive, falling apart and past our prime. Liz believes that this time of life holds many gifts – the wisdom of life-experience, reaching a certain level of self-acceptance, and the time and energy to finally be able to focus on ourselves – can mean a rich and wonderful experience in these middle years.

Liz seeks to create a new paradigm for women and the concept of aging. By learning to embrace and fall in love with who we are now and making self-care and delicious, healthy eating a daily essential activity, we can redefine aging and have a body and life we love and appreciate.

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